The gods work hard, with few people and with supernatural determination. We have the release date of the client to the public for our adventure.
On 08/08/2024 the client will be available for download.

The terms of the launch of the client, the 1000 accounts created will be in the test period and a restart of the experience after the 1000 accounts created, of course the 1000 Dragon Coins will be restarted with 1000 + Donation Dragon Coins.

700 more to go, start registering!

Invasion2 - Galactic Federal Agendas - Register

Invasion2 - Galactic Federal Agendas - Register

We'll keep the server under development until 1000 accounts are created.
Thank you all for understanding but we'll push advertising until then.

For more information check our website and register:

Chat with us on VChat:

The Server have been updated, in order to get data from our new host, you'll have to redownload the Setup File:


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